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Latest from Ducati – 1200R Revealed

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Ducati Monster 1200 R – The most powerful naked Ducati ever

Ducati has just given the world a first glance of the new Monster at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new bike boasts a wide array of new features and is Ducati’s response to the power war among super naked bike manufacturers over the past few years.

The engine has been tuned for a peak power output of 160bhp at 9250rpm and peak torque of 97 lb ft at 7750rpm thanks to a lot of work on the internals which includes new pistons, new elliptical throttle bodies, a larger diameter exhaust, new silencers, inlet manifold, increased compression ratio.

The bike also benefits from bigger brakes, new Ohlins suspension, a new steel trellis subframe, new design of tailunit, increased ground clearance, an adjustable steering damper, new full colour dashboard and to the relief of anyone who has ridden the current Monster range; the annoying cast aluminium mount for the pillion footrests have been ditched and no longer get in the way of your heel.

The new R model is aimed at experienced riders who want a naked bike that not just gives them road thrills but can also perform on track. In this regard the bike gets 1299 Panigale style wheels, the same 200-section rear Pirelli SuperCorsa rear tyre, hugely-powerful Brembo M50 four piston brake calipers up front with large 330mm twin discs and a 245mm rear disc with twin-piston Brembo caliper. The latest Bosch 9MP ABS braking system is also on this bike.

New tailunit: The tailunit is not just set higher by 20mm but thanks to the new steel trellis subframe it had to be completely redesigned to be thinner and shorter by 30mm. The pillion comfort wasn’t abandoned but it only had to be ‘acceptable’ rather than luxurious as pillions are seen as occasional.

New exhaust: The routing of the downpipes is now 8mm wider in diameter and leads to a new pentagonal pair of silencers which were styled to be more technical and also be higher to increase ground clearance for track and fast road riding.

New footrests: Gone are the irritating and heel-fouling cast aluminium footrests on the standard Monster range in favour of forged aluminium footrests with separate (and removable) pillions footrests.

New suspension: Ohlins fully-adjustable 48mm titanium nitride coated forks get unique black anodised fork bottoms. The Ohlins shock is also of a higher specification than standard Monsters. Both ends have longer travel to increase the ground clearance.

Wheels and tyres: The Monster 1200R gets three-spoke lightweight wheels inspired by those on the 1299 Panigale superbike and the bike is fitted with track-friendly Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres and the rear is the massive 200/55 size seen on the Panigale superbike.

Brakes: The Brembo braking set-up has been upgraded too with huge 330mm twin discs, Brembo M50 four-piston calipers up front and a single 245mm rear disc with twin-piston caliper working with Bosch 9MP ABS. The ABS can be switched off.

Weight loss: Every element of the 1200R was considered as the company attempted to lose weight from existing parts to offset new Euro4 compliance that has seen extra parts fitted. Even the cast aluminium numberplate hanger has had holes designed in to reduce weight. The forged wheels and new exhaust lose 2kg combined.

Article Source and Image Credits: Motorcycle News

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