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Marquez and Pedrosa both set new lap records testing the 2016 RC213V prototype machine

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It’s hasn’t been all holiday for Marquez and Pedrosa over the summer break (although it may seem it to many of us!)

The Repsol Honda team have been testing the new prototype machine at Misano circuit, Italy. It’s certainly proven to be an impressive bike, both Marquez and Pedrosa set new fastest lap records for the circuit. The previous official lap record was set by Marquez back in 2013 at 1’32.915. In the last week Pedrosa managed to do a 1’32.66 fastest lap, and Marquez 1’32.00 on the new model.

Both riders are impressed with the new bike, who wouldn’t be with thsese incredible lap times, and this is only the early stages. We really look forward to seeing these new bikes in action next year.

The Repsol Honda team have also been working on the current 2015 RC213V to improve base setup so we’ve got plenty to look forward to come the August 9 at Indianapolis MotoGP, not to mention 2016 !

Here’s what the Marquez and Pedrosa had to say:

Marc Marquez: “I’m happy with these past two days, we have done a great job on the setup and now I feel more comfortable. Especially this morning when the temperature was a little bit lower we were able to find something that has improved my feeling and now we will have to see if this will work also in the coming circuits. I also tried the 2016 prototype finding something good, but we will test it again tomorrow with next year’s tyres to give the HRC engineers more data to work with. In the afternoon the track temperature was really too hot, but I am happy with the pace I was able to keep even in these circumstances. A big thanks to HRC and my team for the great job done! Tomorrow one more tough day and then we will deserve some days off!”

Dani Pedrosa: “It’s been two hard but productive days of testing. We are happy as we have been able to work a lot on the current bike to find a setup that can be a good base for the coming GPs. It has been a very hard job as the temperature was really hot but I am happy. I also did a couple of exits with the prototype of the 2016 bike. It was important to give to the engineers some feedback about the direction we are heading. Tomorrow we will test it again with 2016 tyres as this bike will have to work on them!”

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Quotes Source: MotoGp

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