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The ultimate track day prep checklist

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Don’t you just love taking your bike out for absolute thrashing. Full throttle, knees down, no traffic – track days, gotta love ’em.


In order to get the maximum time on track you’ll obviously want to get your bike prepped good and proper to pass the tech inspection and to get the most out of your machine.

Here’s a quick check list of items you’ll need for the day. You’ll probably find you already have most of them in your shed anyway and if not a good investment anyway assuming you want to continue to get the most our of the track for your return visits, and believe me, once you do it once there’s no looking back, this shit is addictive!

BTW, you don’t have to be an advanced rider to get out there and have fun at the track, they usually have days and time slots allocated for beginner, intermediate and expert riders, have fun!


The Items You’ll Need

-Purified water (for hydration or make-shift coolant)
-Solid color painter’s tape (blocks off lights and is mandatory)
-Cash (bartering chip when ATMs aren’t present and necessary for snack bars)
-8-14mm open-ended wrenches, and sockets with ratchet
-4-8mm metric Allen key set
-Additional hand tools (flathead and Phillips screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and wrench or adjustable crescent wrench suitable for the rear axle bolt)
-Quick fixers (zip-ties, duct/electrical tape)
-Spare parts (levers, rearsets, clutch and throttle cable, case covers)
-Extra gas (normally available at track but expensive)
-Tire pressure gauge

-Front and rear stands
-Fluids (oil, WD-40, coolant, chain lube)
-Bicycle pump
-Extension cords
-Air compressor with hose

-Full length boots
-Full length gloves
-One or two-piece leather suit (must zip all the way around)
-Undamaged helmet (clear and tinted visor ideal for varied weather conditions)
-Back protector (some trackdays now require)

-Foldable chairs and table
-EZ-Up (spring for the lifetime warranty because they bend in the wind)
-Tire warmers
-Under Armor type shorts and shirt (prevents chaffing)
-Energy snacks/lunch
-Health insurance!

Trackdays for beginners

Looking for track days near you? Just jump onto one of the many bike forums and there’s stacks of guys and girls who are always willing to help.

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